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Alice Canady | 05/22/15

Infected baby teeth can cause permanent teeth to develop incorrectly and result in stains, pits and weaker teeth.

Gina Balta | 05/21/15

The smaller the cavity when it is treated, the less painful it will be. If a cavity is deep it may expose the nerves inside the pulp.

Dawn Mcdonald | 05/20/15

The taste that brushing your teeth leaves in your mouth should break the desire for you to eat something sweet.

Barbara Garney | 05/19/15

Careful brushing and flossing of the teeth are a necessity and frequent dental visits may be needed to keep good oral health.

Denise Carver | 05/19/15

Cosmetic dentistry is the procedure to improve the appearance of teeth.

Emily Bennett | 05/18/15

If you want to make teething easier on your child, trying adding chunks of sour pickle, cucumber or sweet carrot to their mesh teething ring.

Becky Boyer | 05/18/15

Crooked and gapped teeth are not only a cosmetic blemish, but a social stigma.

Diane Connolly | 05/16/15

Juices from items such as carrots or beets are likely to stain your teeth, so brush immediately after drinking them.

Carol Burns | 05/14/15

If you have gum disease or cavities that have not been filled yet, you should avoid teeth whitening treatments.

Donna Allgood | 05/12/15

Your children's teeth are what help them speak and chew.

Cynthia Goldman | 05/10/15

It's very important to have strong, healthy teeth throughout your life.

Debra Dunlap | 05/10/15

At the heart of your teeth, decay can gradually destroy the inner layer, or dentin, the pulp which contains blood vessels, nerves and other tissues, and roots.

Dave Castillo | 05/10/15

One of the biggest problems with gum disease is that you don't know it is there until it causes you pain.

Cathy Breckenridge | 05/08/15

Some people really hate the gaps in their teeth but never do anything about them.

Cynthia Sohn | 05/06/15

Some dentists have access to different forms of sedation to help patients feel comfortable before, during and after the treatment. Vitamin D is an important part of a healthy diet that builds strong bones and teeth.

Adriana Dancea | 05/04/15

These procedures use a combination of a bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide and blue light technology.

Cathy Bainb | 05/03/15

The process of installing veneers can take as little as three appointments. Porcelain is generally the material used to make a crown for your teeth.

Connie Haase | 05/02/15

If you have missing teeth, then you can consider implants.

Cynthia Frank | 05/01/15

Do not neglect your teeth if you want to stay beautiful.

Donna Bartle | 04/29/15

There are three main types of bridges, the bridges include the development of the traditional crown of the tooth or implant on either side of missing teeth.

Cecilia Welch | 04/28/15

Your dentist will take a cast of your mouth and send it to the lab to have dentures made.

Bill Markiewicz | 04/26/15

Many times, people pay ridiculous amounts of money for a product that promises to whiten their teeth. Once you lose the enamel on your teeth, it does not grow back.

David Christensen | 04/26/15

Do not share utensils with your baby as it can introduce bacteria into their mouth.

Derek Drawhorn | 04/24/15

Some women may experience dry mouth during menopause.

Domenic Cornacchioli | 04/22/15

You may be the kind of person who will do better with conventional dentures.

Carl Landauer | 04/20/15

Patients are put into a light sleep with oral sedation so that breathing and swallowing remain under their control while they are in the dental chair.

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